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Quickly build and manage Webhooks

Webhook delivery with flexibility, reliability, monitoring and debugging.

Simple, yet powerful


From your code or from any system that sends webhooks. Retries handled for you.

curl https://webhookwizard.com/api/in?
  key=$YOUR_API_KEY \
  -d '👋 Hello Webhook Wizard'
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Receive, Monitor & Debug

Receive at the destinations, monitor in the dashboard, inspect responses.

Receiving Webhooks
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What happens with webhooks?

More than just message delivery


10 minutes ago

Error 500 cant deliver

30 minutes ago

Message delivered after 3 attempts


40 minutes ago

Re-send all from Tuesday


60 minutes ago

Message forwarded to 2 destinations


60 minutes ago

Transform json to send to chat bot


1 hour ago

Message history shared with client


2 hours ago

Bug found by looking at message log


3 hours ago

Messages logged with no code


4 hours ago

Basic auth added for legacy system

Why Webhook Wizard

"Can't I just send the webhook directly to the destination?" You could, but you will either under cook it or reinvent the wheel.

  • 💪
    Reliable Delivery

    Never miss a message with automatic retry and alerting.

  • 🔍
    Inspect Messages

    See message details, check which messages are crashing.

  • 📈
    Gain Insights

    Monitor performance, check the backlog, see if your under load.

  • ⚡️
    Delivery Flexibility

    Delivery webhooks to multiple endpoints. Pause delivery.

  • ⚡️
    Quicker Time to Market

    Save months of development time. Dont release with a half baked solution.

  • Less Support

    Your customers can self diagnose issues. You can solve in less time.

  • 📈
    Gain Insights

    Monitor performance, check the backlog, see if your under load.

  • 🌎
    Join the Connected Web

    Theres a whole internet of connected services and data out there.

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Implementing webhook delivery retry to improve reliability

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Stephen Nancekivell

Hi, I'm Stephen. I built Webhook Wizard to help unlock data with webhooks. I've spent a tonne of time building, managing and supporting webhooks and thought there must be a better way, So I built it!

Im still putting together the final pieces. Let me know what you think on twitter @hi_stephen_n or you can see more of my work at stephenn.com. If you have any questions or feature requests please get in touch.


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