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Webhook Wizard CLI 🪄

The command line for debugging your webhooks.


Forwarding webhooks to a private url


command forwards webhook requests from a webhook wizard url to any other url. You can use this to see a log of requests or to test webhook requests locally before you have a publicly accessible url for your webhook.

npx -y @webhookwizard/cli forward <destination>

Forward webhooks from the internet to a destination.

For example..

npx -y @webhookwizard/cli forward http://localhost:8080

forwarding from https://webhookwizard.com/api/webhook/in/5aa297cd-471f-4956-a1ec-3fb1b5775baa to http://localhost:8080
listening for messages to forward
2022-08-20T05:26:29.906Z sent to http://localhost:8080

Message flow

Messages are sent over a websocket tunnel in the cli. Forwarding messages will work without your dev machine being directly accessible on the internet and will work behind a firewall.

Webhook Wizard cli

Listen to and log requests

Listen to http requests and logs them, so you can see the headers and the request body.

npx -y @webhookwizard/cli listen

For example..

npx -y @webhookwizard/cli listen

2022-08-28T05:36:31.176Z /incomming
Host: localhost:8080
User-Agent: curl/7.79.1
Accept: */*
Content-Length: 16
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

👋 hello world