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Sending a webhook to multiple places

May 31, 2022

Sometimes when working with webhooks you need to copy the messages to multiple places. This can be a tricky as many webhook providers dont support multiple delivery.

With Webhook Wizard you can easily configure a webhook to be forwarded to multiple places.

Webhook Multiple Delivery

For example you might have both production and development versions of a server, where you need the webhook messages to go to both so you can test your server. You might also turn off the dev server in the weekends to save money.

To do this effectively you need independent delivery queues for each endpoint, you dont want one to effect the other.

How to configure multiple webhook delivery

  • login to Webhook Wizard
  • Create a new Webhook subcription
  • Configure the delivery url
  • Add extra delivery urls for the extra endpoinds.
  • Configure the webhook source to send the webhook to Webhook Wizard

And voila! your webhooks are being forwarded to multiple places. You can also see how the delivery is tracking in the Webhook Wizard log.